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I started carving in the 80's but found that other life activities took precedence.  After retiring in 2021 I was able to devote much more time pursuing wood carving once again.  Many of my creations were inspired by others from web carving group postings, from carving books and magazines that I accumulated over the years, from the Helvie Carving Facebook group, all with my twist to the final carved piece.  Sometimes the wood just decides what it wants to become.  I primarily use Helvie knives and palm tools from various suppliers. My very artistic wife Mary has assisted in teaching me the finer points of painting and finishing my carvings.  What started as a hobby has grown into a passion for wood carving.

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Carving Tools

 I can not stress enough on how important good tools are when creating carvings.  I primarily use Helvie knives which I believe is one of the best knives available for carving basswood.  There is a substantial wait to get one but it is worth it.  Be fore warned that Helvie knives are like potato chips - once you try one know no one can stop at just one.

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I also use palm tools from various suppliers.  Normally it is more about the profile than the brand as long as you are getting good steel that will hold an edge.  A good strop and compound is a carvers necessity.  Whether you purchase one or make your own, 90% of the time this is all that is needed to keep your knife edge sharp.  Strop frequently !
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Carving Gloves - Use Them ! ! !
One of the most important carving accessories is a set of cut resistant gloves.  I personally never used a glove for many years.  Normally I would average at least one "nick" per item carved item.  There were plenty of times that carving was suspended until I healed well enough to continue.  Since wearing gloves I have not had a nick in over 100 carvings.  I modify my gloves by cutting the fingers off of the knife hand glove as I like the feel of the knife better.  Some carvers use a glove on just the non-knife hand.  This is one of the cheapest safety items you will ever purchase whether from Amazon, your favorite carving supplier or the glove guy try one.  Another benefit is that your fresh carving stays cleaner.  Try them you will be glad that you did !
CraZ Carvers Return Policy

CraZ Carvers Return Policy
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